Working Together with communities in a call of love and action that will bridge the gap of social inequality; confirm our fundamental human needs; mobilize urgent resources; enlighten everyone about the plight of suffering towards the soulful pride of giving and relief.

The core purpose of this politically and religiously unaffiliated organization is to operate an organization, that without reservations, assist those organizations that already provide certain services which tend to assist those in need with the help they need. Whether it’s food, shelter, drug recovery, furniture, mental health assistance, social services or transportation.

All of these agencies make up Archie’s Army, bridging the gap, providing valuable resources, and services to the disadvantaged members of the public.

Archie’s Army is also posed to provide educational resources to those who need to be educated on the topics of poverty and malnutrition through educational seminars and written and or visual material.

The overall goal is to reduce or alleviate human suffering from poverty, malnutrition, medical disabilities, and homelessness.

Although Archie’s Army, Inc. does provide these services directly, it is designed to make sure that those who are unable, for whatever reason, to get to these services can have access to them.

Archie Moore
President & Founder
Archie’s Army, Inc. – San Jose, CA


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